Friday, August 17, 2012

New Developments

I know that it has been a while since I made my last entry ... but I can assure you that it has been for good reason.  Let me also reassure you that this blog will not end ... we will continue to receive and answer your questions as well as pass along any noteworthy buzz from the world that we find worth reading and discussing.  With that said, humor me with you attention for a few more minutes!

Some of you may have received this as a message ... so for the rest to make this official ... and to remove any question ...

As you may know, I have been out of work for some time. Jobs here just did not open up like they should have so I began to expand my horizons to find work. Initially there was a lot of interest in me all over the US: CO, IL, OH, NC, FL, NY, CT, ND, TX, and NH all exchanged communication with me concerning possible employment. The NY, CT, NH, and CO regions looked like they were coming though ... the one specifically in CT looked as if it was certain ... but they all either fell through or ended silent.

You know that my life is about what it is ... and that is important to me ... not to abandon my family ... but only my will. God is real and His love for us is worth all of our efforts to share with others. His love is real, but so are His judgments ... of which I want no one who I directly impact ever to see after the end of this life!

In short, we have been sought out and asked to pastor a church and lead a Bible school running a missionary complex in Guyana ... South America ... just north of Brazil and east of Venezuala. I have accepted.

The details of how I was found are amazing ... but I know I am to walk this road ... where it leads I do not know. All of our needs will be met, to include travel to and from the states.

We are leaving New Orleans in two weeks and heading back to where it all started for us ... Kinder, LA. Our church there will be supporting us while we remain in country. We will be flying into Trinidad in the middle of September for two weeks where I will be speaking at a conference in Grenada, then going through the process of meeting the leaders of some of the churches in our assembly ... then turning all focus on my work... meeting everyone and surveying the details of the needs there in Guyana.

We will be returning to America to draw up final plans to include shipping our gear out there along with getting the gear we need to be successful. Then, in the end of October we will be leaving for our permanent work there.

Will you see us again?   I can promise you that you will ... if you run the race I have chosen to run ... because we will all arrive at the same destination!

I know this is not what we thought would be happening ... but this is what we are to do ... I know it.

It's all very overwhelming for us ... especially that we would be chosen for this considering that I am far from perfect ... but this is our path. Again, where it leads I do not know ... but I do know that it will involve leaving New Orleans and spending an uncertain time in Guyana.

I love you guys ... I want with all of my heart for you to run the race I have shown you ... I wanted so badly to find it worth running and running well. I will not get to see that. I hope some of you revisit what I have tried to teach you and surrender the life you are trying so hard to lead ... to God. I came here as a missionary ... I accepted the task of working several jobs to be able to put myself within your reach. I hope with all of my heart that you remember and think hard about the things I taught those of you who served or grew under our leadership. God is more real than this world you see with your eyes ... that is dying every day ... that is changing every day ... with all of the 'laws' we claim to know. God never changes. Guys, He will judge this world ... it will come. Be on the right side of that judgment.

I can assure you that my life is proof that a life lived for Him is an adventure no one will ever believe ... and so our adventure continues... and our road together ends (for now.)

Am I being mushy ... more than I am comfortable with ...but it is the truth.

For those of you who live in the NOLA region, I will continue to be leading the Wednesday night Bible studies for the next two weeks. We will be holding a farewell service the last Sunday night at the church ... you all know where it is ... 6pm next Sunday night (26 August). It would do my heart well to see you there. You have to know you were always more to me than just my students, associates, or people who filled seats in my ministry.

To everyone else, I ask that you pray for us as we prepare for this new journey.  God is good and He is faithful.  There are many obstacles that must be overcome in the next few weeks ... but God does not fear obstacles .. He laughs at them ... He shows His goodness and strength in them for those who are willing to walk through them.  I can assure you that we are walking ...  

I hope to see all of you soon.


  1. Pat man.... you and your family will always be in my heart and I always remember the things you taught me. Spent a lot of time with you all and taken more things then what you taught me... I also took what I saw in your life, in your friendships and in your family life. Thank you for everything and look for ward to seeing you before leave and after you leave.

  2. Thank you Maury ... you know where you stand in our family ... always among us! I will always have my door open to you!

  3. I am amazed and proud to have such a Godly man as my cousin. I know it has been several decades since we have seen each other, and we only recently re-connected but I will miss you.Your gentle but passionate ways of answering my questions have re-kindled my faith and desire to be a better christian , wife and mother. I will include you and your family in my prayers. I hope we will still he able to communicate in this manner. Thank you Pat.

  4. Pat, this is wonderful! We are so excited for this next step in God's plan for you guys. I believe that you guys will do wonderfully in this. We are ready already to hear all the great things God will do through you guys over there. We will absolutely be praying for you and I would love to talk with you to hear some of the cool details of What God has for you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!


  5. Thanks Missy! I will forever be appreciative towards facebook for providing the means for our family to reconnect! Love you!

    Ken, will def call ... in the meantime, to you have a freight boat I can borrow?

  6. I will check in the back yard to see if I can find one back there....:D Look forward to the call!

  7. what happened to uganda west?

  8. You sir are awesome ... Uganda west forever ... seriously .. anonymous?

  9. Hey, Pat.
    I am not surprised....
    I remember the 5 year old already reading his Bible, who slipped out to wonder an apartment complex in Texas looking for people to tell about Jesus's offered forgiveness... And along the way you gathered pretty stones to show me, but you put them on someone's new car who then required a new paint job from us. I don't remember if we gave him one...
    Like I said, I'm not surprised.
    Hmmm. I can't figure out the profile options so I'm choosing anonymous.

  10. Anonymous works ... I still usually know who I am talking to. I love you ma ... I think it is neat that I can hear your voice when I read what you write! Thanks for the input!

  11. Wow....I haven't checked this page in quite a while. and to think I used to check it several times a day waiting for my questions to get answered. Where did you ever find the time to accommodate everyone and all of the demands you had everyday? I hope that one day you understand and accept the fact that you have made an impression on each and every one of us, although some won't actually admit it. I've wondered why God would allow so many to cross paths with you, yet to take you and your work away from us so soon. But I do know that I am a better person, I am a better 'professional', and I am a stronger believer in our faith and in the One who directs our path. You've taught me so much, but now it's time for you to teach those same lessons to so many others. Go and tell your story because this fallen world certainly needs to hear it.

    Until we meet again my friend.......

  12. I have found that paths often cross multiple times. I have a belief that I try to communicate with everyone I meet ... every group I accept responsibility to lead ... every association I am privileged to be a part of and it goes something like this:

    Each of us has a unique path that only we can walk ... only our feet will fit with unique purposes and missions designed with us in mind. We continuously find our paths being joined with others. Sometimes the two paths are enjoined for a lifetime, while other times they are joined only momentarily. Rarely can one determine accurately the length of that time from the beginning. Sometimes even still, the paths seem torn apart before ready.

    There seem to be three basic reasons for the crossing of our paths... and often a blend if we allow it.
    1) To be taught by another
    2) To teach another
    3) To enjoy each other

    I have then come to this conclusion within myself...not knowing how long the paths will remain or if they will once again join up: Give everything for as long as possible. I see community as a blessing ... I really enjoy it. I haven't always but I genuinely enjoy meeting people and am blessed to know so many so well.

    If I am a blessing to my friends, the opposite is then also true.

    We will meet again ... to be sure. But in the meantime, this door will remain open ... and in this we still find our paths somewhat still entwined.