Monday, June 30, 2014

Secrets ...

Is it ever okay to keep a 'secret' from someone, such as a spouse? What if it's kept to protect someone? The problem is that if this 'secret' is told, two things could possibly happen: one person may go to jail and one may end up six feet under.

My mind goes wandering with this question ... and I thank you for asking it.

Friday, June 27, 2014

PHM Missionary Journal: In Bits and Pieces ...

PHM Missionary Journal: In Bits and Pieces ...: I will keep updating along the way ... for those who are interested.  I do want to say how appreciative I am to and for all of my family and...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PHM Missionary Journal: New Horizons Ahead ... Nothing Left Behind

PHM Missionary Journal: New Horizons Ahead ... Nothing Left Behind: You may or may not know that we have been in a state of transition for almost two years.  Two years ago we knew God was leading us to leave...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Buried With Him In Baptism

Why did Jesus get baptized in Matthew 3? What righteousness was He fulfilling?

That is a great question. We are going to need to remember John, Jesus cousin for this one. According to Dispensationalism ... wait ... what's a dispensation? Glad you asked.

Monday, June 2, 2014

More Cowbell!!

Based on the opinion of some, drums are NOT to be used in worshiping the Lord.  The Bible is quite clear on every instrument being used to make a joyful noise on to the Lord.  This goes back to opinion I would think but, would you be sinning if you used a drum in your service?

This really is a great question.  I think it is much more deeper than just drums though ... much deeper.  We have been witnesses (for decades) to the mutation of the definition of worship from "service before God" and "prostrating oneself before God" into "music that makes one feel or sense the presence of God."

You're Going To Eat!

I have some questions about the Biblical Feasts. I was almost sucked into this stuff recently. I may lose a very good friend because I chose not to become Torah observant. While she isn't as dogmatic as this site is (, a lot of what she told me can be found on the site. How do they apply to Christians today? Are they something we can or should be pursuing?

Good question ... Messianic churches do attend to the feasts and many of the traditions because they are Jewish just as other ethnic groups often incorporate their cultures and traditions into their faith.  There is nothing wrong with that in itself.  Concerning the Jewish traditions, they are much like the ordinances of the church ... nothing to determine salvation but a time to remember God's salvation. There is good substance to experiencing the feasts but nothing that determines righteousness or holiness. Remember, the early church had a problem where the converted Jews were forcing the customary traditions (circumcision, feasts, etc) on the converted Gentiles ... they were told not to ... that it wasn't an important issue. Then the Apostles gave the Gentile believers were given simple guidelines ...