Monday, January 27, 2014

Cain Was Afraid .. of Who?!?

Were other people created by God besides Adam and Eve?

I have been asked many questions of this basic theme over the years.  The answer is quite simple: the Bible doesn't say.  I think the phrase "I don't know" seems almost alien to many Christians who, in err, feel that if they can't answer every question, then somehow they fail God and His sovereignty somehow dissolves.  It's ok to say it ... the fact is that if a sovereign god exists and we, through mortal and finite understanding, can fully understand and explain him, her, or it, then the god we represent is no god at all.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Parenting and Social Media

There is an over abundance of social media available right now. It's difficult enough for some adults to behave appropriately with this media; what about our teens? It seems that teens are favoring social media that are less used or known by their parents. This has resulted in much unsavory language and behavior. As Christians, are we to advise our teens to 'unfriend' or 'unfollow' others who behave this way online, even though they don't behave this way in person?

Great question!  It's funny, because just 15 years ago this really was a non-issue (or was it?).  I am not sure exactly but if I remember right ...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Going to the Chapel ... You're going to WHAT??

Why does society not accept intimate relationships between step brothers and sisters?
Thank you for sending this question. Truthfully, there is no Biblical guidance or persuasion concerning the ethics or morals involved with marriage relationships between step siblings. So there is no Biblical ground to stand on in telling anyone they are wrong and in sin. Any guidance here is completely subordinate to that.