Monday, August 26, 2013

My Money Now!!! - Newest Question

If a person has borrowed a substantial amount of money, and has not made any effort to repay the other, what should happen next? This is in the neighborhood of thousands of dollars, and three years have passed by. There is no mention of the outstanding bill. However, the borrower has proceeded with a lavish lifestyle of vacations and many unnecessary purchases. There has been a foreclosure on the home of the borrower as well. What should the lender do? It's a large amount of money, and too much time has gone by. I believe it's time to settle, or at least instill a plan to do so. A three year grace period was more than enough.

Oh boy, this is a rough place to be.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Secret Sins - Newest Question!

How do you ask forgiveness for sins in your past that no one knows about?

That's a good question ... most are.  We are often rich in logic and intelligent thought when it comes to advice for others but fall short when it comes to our own lives.  There is a reason for it.  God looked at creation and, seeing man as He made him, He knew man was never going to cut it on our own.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

God Help Us All

I know it has been longer than anticipated since I have relaunched the QnA, but this had to be posted.  The below video is of Melissa Harris-Perry, an extremely liberal broadcaster who has just been awarded the Maggie Award by, of all groups, Planned Parenthood, for her stance on abortion.