Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God vs Satan

If God blames Satan for all of our problems in the world, why would he have created him in the first place? He knows "all" right (including the future), so why would he just have not created him in the first place?  I read that God killed 2,301,417 people. I also read that Satan only killed 10.

I love challenging questions.  This is going to be a good read…

First and foremost there is no place in the Bible that God blames Satan for all of our problems.  Now since the Scriptures were written under divine inspiration, God by default claims responsibility of all that is written.  Let’s examine what is written concerning the warnings about Satan (much said by Jesus Himself).

  • He is our Enemy (Mat 13:39) – he hates us if for no other reason than we have been granted what he will never get … a pardon … grace.  He was disgusted from the beginning to serve … he wants to rule.  Our existence is a constant reminder of his failure … he knows his end … but what better way to attack the very goodness of God than to get His children to rebel against Him … to keep them from receiving His grace and forcing God to stand in His justice.
  • Evil Spirit (1Sa 16:14) – interesting that the root of the word evil here … and all through the Bible is ‘to be spoiled, made good for nothing, nonfunctional.  He was designed as all angels to serve God and to protect and serve humanity … as a spiritual entity he has undefinable powers considering the physical laws we are restricted to … yet he uses it for a different function than what God intended.  Evil doesn’t necessarily mean “dark, scary, gruesome, etc … it means functioning in a way the designer did not intend.  It brings a whole lot more into the category of what can be defined as evil.
  • Father of Lies (John 8:44) – there is no truth in him … he is the author and master of the partial truth … if it not the whole truth, it is a complete lie. 
  • Liar (John 8:44)
  • Lying Spirit (1Ki 22:22)
  • Murderer (John 8:44) – He roams this world actively seeking those he is able to steal, kill, and destroy
  • Prince of this World (John 12:31; John 14:30; John 16:11) – he has power here because sin is still in us.  By the very nature of the law, he is justified to work among us.  But by the perfect nature of God’s grace, once in us, we have ALL authority over him.
  • Prince of Devils (Mat 12:24) – he is the leader of the demonic rebellion.  He does not rule from hell … has no throne there.  That is his future torture chamber.  His work is among us.  He also has no love for his servants, be them demons or humans.   He has no capacity to love … he literally hates the demons who serve him.
  • Prince of the Power of the Air (Eph 2:2)
  • Ruler of the Darkness of this World (Eph 6:12)
  • Spirit that Works in the Children of Disobedience (Eph 2:2) – his best strategy is working in partial intelligence.  The fool says in his heart there is no God (Psalms 14) … this world and the order that keeps it demands a Creator … it is scientific … it is mathematic … it is legal … it is.  Yet those who attack His existence do so because they have not been granted their requests (for some miracle or sign) or because they want to live and act upon their own instant desires for gratification and not have any thought of consequence. 
  • Tempter (Mat 4:3; 1Th 3:5)  God does NOT tempt us … ever (James 1:13) and is always with His children during the temptation (1 Cor 10:13) whether we are successful or not … and is never ashamed of us.  He knows our nature and we have His grace and love (Heb 12)
  • Unclean Spirit (Mat 12:43)
  • Wicked One (Mat 13:19; Mat 13:38)
  • Accuser (Rev 12:10) – it is what he exists now to do … much of the entertainment spectacle between God and Satan has turned this into the ‘war’ …there is no war … but there is a trial … man is the defendant, Jesus is our advocate (attorney), satan is our accuser, and our Father and Creator, is our judge.

So why make Satan if God knew this was going to happen?  Well first of all that question is based on a very simple linear model of thinking … this then that right?  Well with God and the rest of the real world, there is infinity within passing moments.  That can boggle our brains but as a mathematics guy, I get it.  When we find limits and derivatives, we begin to think in this same manner. 
The equation (x^2)/(x-2) has no definition when x = 2 bc 2 - 2 = 0 … and 0 can NEVER be in the denominator.  But we can get close to 2 to tell us where the answer would be … but how close is close.  Is 1.9 close … how about 1.99 … how about 1.999999999999999999999999999?  The same for 2.1 vs 2.000000000000000000001 … you see, we can find infinite possibilities within microscopic change. (BTW, they both (1.9, and 2.1) approach infinity!)

Why a math equation?  Well, don’t the challengers of God’s Creation claim to be based on science … don’t they claim to be free thinkers … well, let’s use science and free thinking.  If we can find infinite space between any unit of measurement … isn’t it possible that God also can … shouldn’t we expect Him to be the master of it since He claims to have created all of this?  That would be a reasonable deduction.

The fact is that God’s plan isn’t like our plans … simple and linear that fall to pieces quickly when every detail doesn’t work.  He is the master of contingency planning.  God did not create any of us whether angel, human, or animal because He was lonely … He does not need our company like He is often accused.  He created us so we could enjoy His love … it is entirely different.  Satan was created to be the lead instrument in preparing and delivering and protecting His love in us.  He wasn’t happy for that appointment, he wanted more.  God created us to be loved, Satan desired to rule. 

Supposing God knew that, would He be justified to not create us at all?  I guess … but that would not make me happy.  That in my book makes Him the author of a greater love.  He loves the angels … He loves us.  It is for that very reason that His justice must be true and upheld.  If He fails to uphold His justice, He does not love us … bc now He shows FAVORITISM … the trait in all abusive leadership … a guarantee for a totalitarian dictatorship.

Satan, and all of the angelic creation had no need for faith … they had no right to claim for grace.  They saw God and see God in His fullness … something we cannot ever comprehend.  That is why we receive that grace … why it is given to us … bc we have to trust in that which we cannot see in full … but we can see in part.
He created Satan, as Lucifer, because simply put He is good.  He extended His love to Lucifer and Lucifer chose his own path … God gives EVERYONE a chance to choose.  What greater love is there?  If I force my children to be successful, they will hate me for it .. I will be called a tyrant.  That is the essence of socialism and communism.  They claim to know better than the person choosing … while it may be true it is not right. 

So why would a God supposedly so good allow so many deaths?  I am interested where you got your numbers … for several reasons.  God as Creator must by default accept the final responsibility for executing the judgment for all of our lives.  If a soul falls, He is ultimately responsible … no one meets death before the appointed time … that is only God’s decision. 

Let me ask you, the reader, a question.  If you are given an umbrella, you step out in the rain, then remove yourself from under the umbrella, do you have any right to accuse the rain for making you wet?  The rain was there … you knew it … you just figured out you had a better way than the umbrella.  This is what we have done to God since the beginning.  I admit He was very strict on the Israeli people … there is a reason though .. and a good one.  First, they didn’t need much faith.  God revealed Himself in ways that removed all doubt.  They heard His voice … they saw His glory … a pillar of fire by night … clouds by day hovering over the tabernacle.  There was food on the ground … they had a place you could go where the glory of God stayed … God gave them supernatural favors over all the gentiles yet none of that mattered once they were comfortable. 

Remember what Satan is defined as listed above.  We read several passages where we see demons itching to strike out at humanity (Job, 1 Kings 22:20)… we see that God restrains … and God allows … for His good purposes.  All of the demonic forces working on earth want humanity dead … now.  God is constantly restraining them.  They have no power without either His ok or our permission.  We give Him permission by refusing to comply with God’s instruction!  Satan does not need us to agree with the instruction … or even think it is in any way dangerous to us … in fact he would rather us not think of it at all … but by doing it we step out of the umbrella God has provided.  God honors our decisions just as He honored Lucifer’s.  He is not just if He forces us to do right, but in His justice HE HAS PAID FOR THE MISTAKES WE MAKE so that in realizing what we have done we can repent and Satan’s illusion of ‘power’ is instantly stripped.

In the end, however, it is humanities decisions that perfectly enable or disable all forces of heaven, whether they are angelic or demonic.  God, as final judge, has honored the decisions of tens of billions of people that have entered into eternity … so if He is to be blamed for every death … His shoulders are big enough.  He warned us of death … He told us how to keep from it … He made a way to defeat it through His love … and is always showing us the path through it.  It is our choice.  If we choose to follow it, we have all the blessings of it … that is the literal meaning of the phrase ‘New Testament’ that we throw around like a ball.  Remember, He is not desperate for companionship as many ear ticklers have preached … He’s not up there crying and throwing a fit about our actions … He is beckoning us always with His love and waiting our decision to come … but it is our choice and He will not allow His love for us to force us to follow.

BUT … if we choose to follow Satan’s evil path … the nonfunctional path … God will honor that decision as well. 

I have decided to follow Jesus … no turning back.
The cross before me, the world behind me … no turning back
Though none go with me still I will follow … no turning back

Thank you for your wonderful question, I hope this helped.

That’s my take anyways …

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  1. This was a phenomenal answer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I didn't submit that question, but I felt as though it was answered for me.

    We all have rainy seasons, and the enemy preys on us when we do; he knows just the buttons to push. He will use our greatest fears and weaknesses to his advantage. Would you agree that the enemy is a master illusionist? He has the ability to create doubts in your mind like no other, however these doubts are usually no cause for worry, simply because of their non-existence.

    The Bible states in 1 Peter 5:8 "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."

    A very prominent Bible teacher and speaker referred to this verse when saying that the enemy enjoys seeking out 'the committed Godly man.' I would add that he also enjoys seeking out the wives of those Godly men.

    The more we seek the truth and pursue God's Word, it seems we're more of a target for the enemy's shenanigans. I am so thankful to have a rock to cling to in Jesus!

  2. Shenanigans they are ... and yes, I would absolutely agree that he is a master illusionist ... in fact, I am adding that to my somewhat (?) lengthy list of quotes ... thanks for that and thanks for the comment. I always love them,

    ps ... I think every one of us has had to face that question (God vs Satan) repeatedly, if not more (?).