Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm Surprised That You're Surprised - Revisited

"How am I supposed to react to all of things that are happening in our social and political environment? It seems that every time there seems to be someone worth supporting, conspiracy, corruption, and controversy surface. People claim to be Christian yet seem to act no different ... possibly even more scandalous. How do I find hope in what seems to be a hopeless world?"

It is crazy being in a world that we don't belong to. We have become so accustomed to making provisions that allow for this new "tolerance" we keep hearing so much of that many of us have fallen away from the truth of the Gospel. I know many "believers" who cannot tell you for sure if they would go to heaven right now if they died...which isn't surprising since many Christians today either believe the Bible is at most a great addition to the self-help section at books-a-million (only to be used as a reference or optional guide) or worse that the BIBLE is no longer relevant so why read it...after all it is too hard to understand...both are so off the mark I don't even know where to begin. Yet in most churches, Christians are outraged by where America has fallen morally ranting and raving over the short comings of our wonderful governments and every other possible problem.

Sadly, however, I know of several Christians who didn't vote in the last election because of "time limitations" and other excuses. Am I saying we should have no voice in the political realm of our country? Absolutely not! But we need to approach this from a Godly, ministerial perspective.

1st let’s get back to the basics of our faith: Jesus Christ the only Way ... come out from among them and BE SEPARATE (touch no UNCLEAN thing).

There are so many of us within the church that have accepted the world’s lie that says “please you first.” We have turned into a people that seek happiness over anything. The very notion of agonizing for the lost seems alien to our new theologies of riches and blessings. Jesus taught us to care for the sick and needy in our communities. Jesus told us to render to our governments what belonged to them while rendering to God that which belongs to God. Jesus taught us to love those who speak evil against us and to repay their evil works with good. Jesus taught us that our knee-jerk reaction to oppression was to be prayer, fasting, and intercession. If we accept our proper employment status in His service, we may find ourselves with a lot less time to get into a frolic over stuff we cannot control nor influence.

I’m not saying that we shouldn't speak out against injustice … quite the contrary. But when we speak out against injustice, we should be standing in love (both for those who are being wounded and against the oppressors) and our lives should not be walking contradictions that attack the very foundation of our stance for godliness.

2nd lets remember the war we are in has already been won. Jesus last words were, “It is finished.” He defeated death and the grave. Anything need doing He did and sealed it. (Satan is defeated).

This world is merely dealing with Satan's hopes to keep as many people as possible oblivious to the truth. We do NOT wrestle against FLESH and BLOOD...we need to stop being surprised that people who are obviously of the world keep acting like it. There is a well known paradox that exists in our world where a person will become the most irate over an incident he sees someone else doing that he himself secretly struggles with. I have to believe that many of the overreactions to sin in this world I see are because people are beginning to see manifestations in the natural that they are struggling with behind close doors. They know they are guilty so they lash out at others who physically stumble.

Am I off the Remember a certain Republican congressman from Florida. (I will keep names out). The politician being referred to was on committees against child porn and was outspoken in his opposition to what he himself was doing in secret as was recently exposed. There are many more examples - even within the pastoral ranks of the church.  So what am I saying. WE ARE AT WAR not with the devil for the future of this country but for the salvation of the souls in this country. The ones that are in sin are the very people we are supposed to be reaching out to without ourselves becoming stained by it.

I love my country. I served 8 years in the ARMY infantry being deployed numerous times including two hostile fire tours overseas in Haiti and Bosnia. I bear scars on my body, physical and emotional, for the injuries I received during my conflicts abroad. I have a love for this country that goes deeper than I could put to pen ...but my love and desperation for the lost goes much deeper. I would accept the worst of nightmares with joy if I knew that the sinners in this country would repent...and I am aware that there are few that would truly agree with that.

3rd lets remember that as followers of Jesus Christ we die for others to gain. Our life is not found by attempting to keep it but by being ready to lose it, whether that means minor discomfort on our part or even the worst of tragedy. I am amazed at the people who define themselves as believers but will not lift their hands to the plow unless the temperature is just right and they get the modern equipment, their gloves are fit perfectly, etc and they must receive applause for every step they make. Lets get out there and get back to work. We have for too long stood in the barn, opened the doors, and invited the harvest to come in.

This world is going to hell along with so many of the people we claim to love. If our lives are truly in God's hands and if He truly knows our needs then lets OBEY Him...and stop acting so surprised every time the world acts, well, like the world.  How do we find hope?  Remember that the Earth is His footstool ... every knee will bow ... and we of the faith are not alone.  If we are about His work, we have the greatest possible hope a person can experience knowing that the penetrating, pursuing love of Jesus can soften the hardest heart running in full retreat!  He will do all that He has purposed within His heart and that is something we can be joyful about!!!

That's my take anyways ... awesome question.  So what are your thoughts?

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