Saturday, August 1, 2015

Discover Life: Wrapping Up June/July 2015: Plan Your Garden!

Discover Life: Wrapping Up June/July 2015: Plan Your Garden!:

Where does the time go?  June felt like it was only 10 days long and it was mid July before I realized it!  There is so much to do around here during the warm months to prepare for the long winters that we could easily fill every sunlit moment of every day with work and still have things left undone. Yet we press ourselves to keep the task of making sure that the people ministered through Discover Life are "thoroughly prepared for every good work."  This means that we have to continually view the person as the focus of the ministry, and not as a resource for getting ministry done.  These two months we saw some good transition within some of the men who have come to a place in their transformation where they need real world environments to properly apply what they've learned and what they must continue to learn in their discipleship.  Transition is part of the nature of this type of discipleship, and this month we said farewell to Justin as he moves forward with his life in his walk and welcomed Ken into the ministry here.  I ask that you pray for both.