Monday, May 14, 2012

This Deserves Attention: Immigrant Janitor Graduates With Honors From Columbia University

 I tell my students (all of the time) that they are without excuse when it comes to being given every opportunity to strive for success. This is an excellent example of why...

 check it out :


  1. What an inspiration for everyone to do their absolute best! This is an amazing story of dedication, determination, and setting priorities. Whether you’re a janitor, cashier, or a nurse it takes courage to make the decision to pursue or further an education.

    I completely agree with your statement to your students, they are without excuse. I have used those very same words to my students in the past and even my younger pupils this year. I wonder where our ‘phrase’ came from?? Hmmm…..

    As this remarkable individual has shown, it’s never too late to pursue one’s dream. Today a co-worker of mine told me she has decided to enroll in the fall at a nearby college; she’s in her 50’s. I am so proud of her decision to pursue a college education.

    I think many times it’s not about the perceived increase in pay, or higher position that may become available with a higher degree. There are also more responsibilities and more stress that is often not considered.

    Moreover I believe that when people set a goal it’s rewarding enough to simply achieve that goal. (Well, it’s not really that simple.) :)

    I remember reading this in high school:

    When Aristotle was asked how much educated men were superior to the uneducated, he replied,

    "As much as the living are to the dead."

  2. Great words ... it is also as much important to state that qualifying as educated does not necessarily mean "college degree" but rather "learned" ... a master plumber is as much educated (or more) as a licensed counselor.

    Without education, the people will perish. God Himself says that His people suffer due to a lack of knowledge ...

  3. Absolutely, I agree that ‘educated’ does not always mean ‘college degree’.
    Some people work well with their hands which require knowledge that cannot be found in a textbook. These people have led very successful and fulfilling lives, and happen to be some of the smartest people that I know. However, there are those in which ‘crafty’ isn’t innate and are thankful for textbooks and college. :)