Monday, December 30, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Holiday Frenzy!? - Throwback 2012

Welp, another Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year down with much to be thankful for and much to expect here around the corner. I usually try to stay away from the black Friday thing...a little too hectic for my blood. But I can't help but notice where our priorities are during this time of year. I have learned (through my education in college and in my experiences in the professional world) that when reviewing the priorities of any organization, the tell-tales are not in what they present themselves to be but in what monies they spend and where they are spent.

What monies did you spend this "holiday season"...?

· time
· compassion
· affection
· finances

Most people focus on that 4th one...give no thought to the more important 3. When my daughter was hospitalized, we found where our priorities were. There was no end to what I wish I had in the bank concerning all 4 "monies" and fortunately we had a lot sitting in there from our previous "deposits" (I hope this makes sense).
I committed with my wife to teach my children to not see this time of year as about presents but to teach them the value of my money system. I watch people going inhumane trying to get some toy before someone else gets it as if that toy will be remembered in 6 months. My infant son can't remember where he left his other hand (haha) but he knows to come to me. My children remember events from years ago b/c the types of monies I chose to spend are still drawing interest (both positive and negative – something to really think about!).
Let’s raise up a generation that really has their priorities right...a generation that spends more time, compassion, and affection for one another as opposed to merely finances. The first 3 will always yield the 4th...but focusing on the 4th doesn't necessarily do anything for the first 3.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!

That's my take anyways! Great question!!!  

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