Thursday, June 21, 2012

Website Question: 50 Shades of Grey

The “Twilight” series and “The Hunger Games” lured many pre-teens and teens into the hobby of reading. Many adults followed the fad as well, even into the movie theatres.

The current hype is an adult series called “50 Shades of Grey”, and its content is “explicitly” adult. Today, there was a news report about movie rights concerning the book. Clearly this movie would not be able to earn even an R rating. This book has been removed from the shelves of (some) libraries, yet it is flying off the shelves of bookstores nationwide.

What is your opinion of this phenomenon? Is this book an acceptable read, or is it a disaster in disguise?
Great question! To the point, this book is a disaster NOT in disguise. Any book or other media that would advertise the sexual nature of this book should absolutely be avoided. The Bible warns us repeatedly to guard our hearts and mind from sinful passions that will corrupt us as we give ourselves into them. We are to have nothing to do with this type of material. This book is reminiscent of other books that are merely pornography in disguise with a weak plot to wrap it in.

Be sure that a woman who has faithfully guarded her purity throughout her life will not just give it away at a whim. The world will not and cannot understand purity … they see it as simply refusing to taste what the body longs for. The idea that purity is a thought process of making decisions that result in a lifestyle of choices that include valuing oneself beyond momentary desires and choosing to abstain from activities that destroy personal worth and character … including but not limited to sexuality. That doesn’t register … and that shouldn’t be a surprise … The message of the cross is foolishness to those who don’t believe.

I remember when The Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys were the ploy to get teens to read. Thanks to the lowering of morality standards across the boards and to the ever ready world online, morals don’t seem to exist in writing without scandalous actions anymore … don’t get me wrong … they are still there, but Hollywood seems to pretend no one wants them. Truth be told, if they were to do a series based upon the Babysitters Club or the Hardy Boys, it would be a hit. It seems to me more of a strategy to destroy our nation’s youth and young people rather than something they crave. However, if you can get someone addicted, then you own them forever. A drug addict will abandon his own kids for a fix … and the body’s physiological reaction to sensuality and gruesomeness easily matches a heroin fix.

With the introduction of books on demand via IPADs, NOOKs, and KINDLEs, the desire to read has resurfaced and strengthened too. A lot of people realize that they enjoy reading better because it lasts longer than 2 hours, can be replayed at a moment’s desire, and often allow a person to avoid being offended or annoyed by an actor’s behavior … the voices, attitudes, characteristics, personalities, etc are invented by the reader … it makes for a much more real experience. There is nothing like escaping into the wonderful world offered by a well written book.

In a world that has seen the family unit attacked and left any form of community mortally wounded as well as been numbed by gaming devices that destroy personal creativity and a modern education system that has almost dissolved any memory of art and music programs let alone place any intrinsic value on it, ebooks are almost like rediscovering space … a renewed frontier…the phenomenon makes sense especially since people want and desire connection.

In a series, regardless of the context of it, you get to stick with a group, get to know them, and they are always there with you. It’s almost a last desperate cry of society begging for restoration … I hope we, God’s voice to the world He loves, can answer.

That’s my take.

One of my favorite authors is Stephen Lawhead. He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest authors out there. Check him out … great series and trilogies!

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  1. I think there is a huge misconception that because there are no ‘pictures’ in these books, that it’s okay to read them. People think there will be no repercussions for doing so. However, due to the explicit nature and graphic detail, the books can easily create images into one’s mind. I think reading this series is easily comparable to someone’s husband/significant other viewing pornographic magazines or movies. Research can prove the financial, not to mention the emotional burden this places on a relationship; debt, broken families, lost of trust…..just to name a few. I can’t even begin to imagine the horror of a child finding this type of book in their home and inadvertently learning of the contents. Whatever happened to parents setting the example for their child? Where are morals and values?

    The really sad part is that most people are so wrapped up in the sexual activity being described, thus becoming addicted to reading this series, that they haven’t a clue as to what’s really being portrayed: masochistic, sadomasochism, sadist and masochist. These terms refer to the sick and the twisted. Due to the obsession with the so-called ‘appeal’ and approval of the described male character and his much younger accomplice, people are missing the true peril of the book, which as you mentioned is not so ‘disguised’.

    Thanks for taking such a bold approach in answering a somewhat sensitive subject matter; as there is sometimes no other way to expose the truth than to just boldly point it out. Well done!

  2. You may or may not remember but most porn mags 25 years ago contained more stories than pictures ... because its the imagination that really traps us.

    The snare of sin always lies behind a pathetic excuse as to why an obvious moral compromise is acceptable.

    They will have pictures soon enough ... truth be told, the pictures are not necessary ... the imagination is better without them ... think about it .. a IMAX 3d movie is a cheap second to the human imagination ... and merely the result of it.

    Thanks for the commments...

  3. You're welcome! :)

    I completely agree with your statement, "the pictures are not necessary ... the imagination is better without them ...".

    When we find ourselves completely consumed in a story through the written word, it's fairly easy to become acquainted with the characters; we feel as though we know them or perhaps we may even become one of them . On the other hand, a movie only gives us maybe two hours with those characters and it's done, the end.

    Books are different, we find ourselves yearning to know more and not wanting the story to ever end. We perceive images through the story. This is where 'Grey' can become so damaging; people will be left with perilous images they are sure to not soon forget.

  4. Yes,the images we create for ourselves last much longer because of the effort we put in to make them ... muscle memory so to speak ... that is why we are to bring every thought into captivity ... great point! (Sorry it took so long for me to get back to it!)