Thursday, December 31, 2015

Discover Life: Exciting Update!!!

Discover Life: Exciting Update!!!:

Hey everybody! I just wanted to give you something to be excited about as we bring in the New Year! I released our end of year update a couple of days ago and asked for you to join me in praying for Rob, a new inductee who was accepted into the discipleship ministry. He knew some things about the Bible but had never accepted, confessed, or even considered the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I am ok with that ... in fact, as far as discipling goes, I am excited about it. I've met a lot of guys who think they are Christians, but only serve themselves as lord ... and it is hard to get them to see it. This guy knows he is not a Christian but, after trying everything else, was willing to listen and decide for himself. After almost two weeks of time well spent, he decided tonight, while enjoying some laughs at my house after dinner (Michael Jr - The Man With a Limp ...) that he needed to surrender.

We went into the sanctuary (next door) and talked through some things ... and ... well ... all of heaven is rejoicing. It doesn't take coercion! If it worked, I would do it all of the time ... but it doesn't take that ... neither does it take well thought out speeches or sermons ... but it does take prayer! If you prayed for this man, I thank you. I ask that you would continue to pray. Pray that his heart remains soft as the process of sanctification and transformation continues!

God is faithful! Prayer works! Happy New Year!!!

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